What is 360 Virtual Tour?
A 360 virtual tour (or virtual walkthrough) is a sequence of ‘stitched’ 360 degree panoramic images which allows users to interactively explore the surroundings.
Once the virtual tour is completed, it can be viewed on desktop, notebook, smartphone or tablet.

Nowadays, new tech is being introduced all the time and changing the face of industries.
In real estate, the most recent technological developments are virtual tours

Today, you can’t afford to run your real estate business without virtual tours on your site as they help clients
to see exactly what they want, which helps them to be more decisive when buying.
In addition, VR allows you to view a house without having to physically move.

The figures

95% of home buyers use the Internet to look for homes

51% of people buy homes that they found online, so adding VR to this seems like the obvious next step

71% of Millennials are positive towards the use of VR, this is unsurprising as most Millennials are quick to adapt to new technologies. On the other hand, older generations might take a bit more convincing

Most people looking for a house visit on average between 5 and 7 homes before settling on one. Virtual Reality could really cut down the time wasted viewing properties that people then don’t want to buy

Already 77% of clients want to do a virtual tour before doing a ‘real’ visit

68% of clients want to see what their furniture would look like in their new home

62% of Americans now choose their real estate agency on which one provides 3D virtual reality tours

Benefits of using VR for real estate agents

Saves Time
Using VR could really help real estate agents save time; especially for properties that are remote. This technology can be used to view properties abroad or in remote, rural locations. Buyers can click on bedrooms, the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. to give them a clear, 3D view of each room. VR saves real estate agents time and resources that could be spent scheduling an open house, acquiring new clients or retaining loyal customers!

Saves money
Investing in 3D virtual tours, it is a valuable investment. It will save real estate agents many unnecessary visits to properties that can be visited virtually, which will be reflected in thousands of dollars saved per year, time is money.

Better online communication
VR allows for better interaction online as clients can comment on any aspect of the property. For example, a client could ask about the type of flooring or insulation. This helps the agent because you can provide feedback in real-time and from the comfort of your office!

Turns imagination into reality
You can guide potential-buyers through a property with a virtual tour to see what the project will look like once it’s finished. Buyers can then leave comments before construction starts or is completed. Aiding your clients to visualize each property also builds emotional connections and engages them more efficiently than 2D photos.

Increases site traffic
In addition, VR holds people’s attention for longer than plain text or still images. This will increase traffic on your site. VR will also help potential buyers visualize themselves living there more easily. Interactive tools within the VR, such as mortgage calculators, can urge a potential buyer to make a deal.

Offers Global Reach
Arranging property visits, showing the clients round the property and negotiating terms and prices, is not only extremely time-consuming but with VR it now doesn’t matter where your client lives. VR helps you to showcase properties even to long-distance buyers. This allows you as the real estate agent to work with more clients and process more inquiries and all from the comfort of your office desk!

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